Odell Lake Lodge & Resort is home to the world famous Mackinaw Derby fishing event.

Mackinaw Derby Fishing Odell Lake Resort

Record Setting Catch – 40 1/2 pounds!

Every Year Fisherman from all over the world joins us for the chance at a record-breaking Mackinaw Catch.

This truly is one of the most amazing lake fishing events in the United States.

The last two Oregon state records for lake trout were set at Odell Lake, and we currently hold the Oregon State record for a Mackinaw catch at 40 1/2 lbs!

The 2020 Annual Mackinaw Derby

May 29th – May 31st 2020

Our 2020 12th Annual Mackinaw Fishing Derby is almost here!

There is a $100 Entry Fee to participate in the Derby

Friday Night May 29th:

  • 7pm is the Captains Meeting

Saturday, May 30th:

  • Tournament fishing starts at 6 AM and runs all day to 6 PM.
  • Dinner: chicken and ribs and door prizes start at 6:30 PM
    (only if the Coronavirus ban is lifted by this date)

Sunday, May 31st:

  • 2nd day of Tournament fishing starts at 6 AM and ends at 11 AM.
  • Tournament results, awards and trophy presentation and at 11:30 AM

Congratulations to the 2018 Annual Mac Derby 1st Place winner: 

His catch was 24 pounds

Nice job!

Congratulations to the 2017 Annual Mac Derby 1st Place winner: Mike Carlson

His catch was 24 pounds

Nice job Mike!

Congratulations to the 2016 Annual Mac Derby 1st Place winner: Jeremy Dahl

Congrats to Jeremy Dahl!!! 2016 Odell Lake Mac Derby Winner at 19.15 pounds!!

His catch was 19.15 pounds

Nice job Jeremy!

Congratulations to the 2015 Annual Mac Derby 1st Place winner: James Bond

1st Place Winner 32 lbs 40 1/2 inches long

His catch was 32 lbs 40 1/2 inches long.

Nice job James!