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Odell Lake Lodge & Resort is home to the world famous Mackinaw Derby fishing event.

Mackinaw Derby Fishing Odell Lake Resort

Record Setting Catch – 40 1/2 pounds!

Every Year Fisherman from all over the world join us for the chance at a record breaking Mackinaw Catch.

This truly is one of the most amazing lake fishing events in the United States.

The last two Oregon state records for lake trout where set at Odell Lake, and we currently hold the Oregon State record for a Mackinaw catch at 40 1/2 lbs!

The 2017 Annual Mackinaw Derby

The dates of the 2017 Mackinaw Derby at Odell Lake Lodge are set!

Friday Night June 2nd 7pm Meeting – Mac Derby Rules

Saturday June 3rd – Fishing tournament begins 6am – 6pm followed by Dinner and awards ceremony 6:30pm-8pm

Sunday June 4th – Fishing Tournament Final day 6am – 12 noon followed by the awards ceremony at 12:45pm


Congratulations to the 2016 Winners:

1st Place Winner of the 2016 Mac Derby was Jeremy Dahl His catch was 19.15 pounds Nice job Jeremy!

Congrats to Jeremy Dahl!!! 2016 Odell Lake Mac Derby Winner at 19.15 pounds!!

Congrats to Jeremy Dahl!!! 2016 Odell Lake Mac Derby Winner at 19.15 pounds!!

2nd Place: Mike Carlson 16.18 pounds

3rd Place: Glenn Thill 15.34 pounds

4th Place: Jim Peterson 15.30 pounds

5th Place: Sean Pettis 15.23 pounds

6th Place: Butch King 14.66 pounds

7th Place: Kerry Lackey 13.29 pounds

8th Place: Dan Russel 13.24 pounds

9th Place: Larry Kesch 13.09 pounds

10th Place: Mike David 13.02 pounds

11th Place: Liz Brown 12.80 pounds

12th Place: Kevin Carlson 12.52 pounds

13th Place: Brian Schenk 12.45 pounds

14th Place: Javin Lackey 12.08 pounds

15th Place: Chelan Cameron 12.04 pounds